A case for monochrome

I got to try some jersey knit fabric from Fabric Wholesale Direct and sewed a couple outfits for Theo :) I decided to sew up a couple fan favorites, the mini modern joggers and the classic hoodie. I added a pocket and lined hood to the classic hoodie (both taken from the free hoodie). I [...]

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Free mask and sewing tutorial for adults and kids

This tutorial is based on the Olson mask pattern but modified to change the tie/loop insertion as well as modified to have a child sized version. You can see the photos below to see the changes against the original. LINK TO ORIGINAL Olson mask: https://www.unitypoint.org/filesimages/COVID-19/UnityPointHealth-OlsonMask-Instructions.pdf FOR VIDEO SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM!! I used a heavyweight [...]

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Geo Raglan : 122

The geo raglan sweatshirt has a bit of edge to it, if you're looking for a unique outfit, pair this pattern with some track pants and add a little knee patch like I have on Theo above! There's no special skills to get the look, it's just sewn a little different than the classics. Here's [...]

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The track pants pattern : 15

I am so happy to show the updated track pants.  I've been making this mod for my kids for awhile and finally got them published to include the cuffs and the changed pocket!! The waistband is more simple than you would expect!  It's like any elastic casing just has 3 rows instead of one! Here's [...]

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3 year update: JUKI MO-654DE Serger/Overlocker review

UPDATE 2018:  I STILL use this as my only serger and I still love it :)  There hasn't been anything bad to report, and even more now after using it for 3 years I recommend it! It's the only one on my table and gets used almost daily. ORIGINAL POST: Jan 2015: This will be [...]

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Gathered Raglan Dress: 112

This gathered raglan dress is perfect for the casual kid in your life :)  I love pairing the cuff leggings for an easy complete outfit for Eleanor. The sew is easy too! Check out a few steps below to see how quickly it goes together. The pieces are cut out of separate fabrics usually.  The [...]

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Edgy tee and bottoms 106 + 108

The trendy summer pairing for an edgy tee and shorts (or pants) I've been using some basic patterns to make these mods for awhile and I decided it was about time to make actual patterns so I could consistently make them for E and T. Instead of measuring, cutting, sometimes getting it wrong. It'll be [...]

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Calling pattern testers!

THIS TESTING CALL IS CLOSED FOR NOW, THANKS FOR ALL THE RESPONSE!! Brindille & Twig is looking for some pattern testers to fill out our team! We have just created our Facebook group for testers only and we need to add a few people like you <- What does testing look like? Pattern testers will [...]

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Spring Romper pattern : 105

I've created the spring romper in response to many requests! The summer romper is very popular and some people wanted it with the ability to add legs. So here is a similar pattern to the summer romper with leg options and a pocket detail! The pattern is appropriate for a beginner, you can preview some [...]

2017-06-30T17:59:03-06:00June 30th, 2017|Pattern tutorials|

Brindille and Twig’s new free pattern: The ringer tee

It's been awhile since I offered a free pattern so I decided it's about time! I made the ringer tee as an easy, fast style that anyone can try out. Even as a first project! The pattern also has the new layers feature you can read about here. I will show a short tutorial below [...]

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