I got to try some jersey knit fabric from Fabric Wholesale Direct and sewed a couple outfits for Theo 🙂

I decided to sew up a couple fan favorites, the mini modern joggers and the classic hoodie. I added a pocket and lined hood to the classic hoodie (both taken from the free hoodie).

I got the jersey fabric is their dark heather gray and khaki. I’m a sucker for a nice khaki monochrome outfit and I love the tones of their colors, both worked awesome for this project!

I pre-washed the fabrics as I always do. These jerseys have a super soft hand and a lot of stretch. I didn’t calculate the stretch percent but I used it for all my cuffs no problem! The fiber content is 95% cotton, 5% spandex.

I’ll walk you through a couple sewing steps here, especially the hoodie mods but all the patterns are an easy sew, the pants will take the longest but 100% worth it 🙂

Pants cut out of the Khaki fabric
Pockets and knee patches sewn on
Back pockets sewn on. Then I continue to finish by sewing the legs together and attaching the ankle cuffs to finish!
Layered hoodie mod. Just cut two layers instead of one.
Cut two pockets from the free hoodie
After sewing pocket together, pin to middle bottom of sweatshirt about 1.5″ from bottom.
Straight stitch the bottom to the sweatshirt.
Flip it up and pin in place.
Sew around the edges to attach!
Sew both layers of hoodie together along the back curve.
Turn one layer right side out.
Place the right side out layer inside the inside out layer.
Serge together along the face curve and turn both right side out.
Straight stitch a drawstring casing 3/4″ in from the face edge. Use to finish the rest of the hoodie.
After all pieces are sewn! I also did the raglan tee but it didn’t make any modeled pictures as it was pretty chilly 🙂

I love both colors, I’m partial to khakis right now but I think the gray looks super cool too. Either way he will get tons of use out of both outfits 🙂