I am so happy to show the updated track pants.  I’ve been making this mod for my kids for awhile and finally got them published to include the cuffs and the changed pocket!!

The waistband is more simple than you would expect!  It’s like any elastic casing just has 3 rows instead of one!

Camo fabric track pants

Here’s a brief look at the construction of the track pants.  I’ve also got a video to help with the pockets 🙂

The first step will be the pockets which you can see here:

Then, moving on to the rest:

Finish the leg side seams and inseam

Add the cuffs, or simply fold up the hem to finish the ankles

sewing the elastic casing on the waistband

The waistband is folded down 2″ and 3 casings are sewn into the waistband 1/2″ apart.

There’s a gap in the seam at the back to thread the elastic through

Threading elastic through waistband on track pants

The elastics and the drawstring are threaded through the waistband and the waistband is stitched closed at the gap in the back.

Track pants sewn

Now the track pants are done!  And can be paired with almost anything for a super cool outfit 🙂

Theo wearing the track pants and raglan

Find the pattern and after sewing it up go show it off!!


I’ll be back soon with a new sweatshirt I’m working on 😉