I’ve created the spring romper in response to many requests! The summer romper is very popular and some people wanted it with the ability to add legs. So here is a similar pattern to the summer romper with leg options and a pocket detail!

The pattern is appropriate for a beginner, you can preview some steps below and see for yourself 🙂

After cutting all the pieces out, the pockets get sewn on first.

Then, the top of the front is attached

The elastic casing is sewn on the back piece and the elastic is threaded through

The back piece basically gets sandwiched between the two front pieces

The elastic for the legs is threaded through the casings

Straps are sewn together and attached to the back

Then, snaps are added and you’ve completed it!  Of course, there are many details and steps between but you will be able to do this for an easy weekend project and have fun 🙂

Theo’s been rocking it for the last couple weeks

Check out the spring romper on brindilletwig.com

Ask questions about or see what others have sewn with it in the sew and tell group!