Juki Overlock serger review

UPDATE 2018:  I STILL use this as my only serger and I still love it 🙂  There hasn’t been anything bad to report, and even more now after using it for 3 years I recommend it! It’s the only one on my table and gets used almost daily.


This will be really short and to the point but I just got a new serger and wanted to let you know I love it!

It’s this Juki MO-654DE (affiliate link).  I got it on Amazon for $380.

I’ve been using it for a month and have yet to run into anything I don’t like.

You can use it as a 2, 3 or 4 thread seam.

It’s pretty straight forward. You can see the differential feed knob on the right. As well as the stitch length.

Detail shot of Juki MO-654DE


Here’s the inside. There’s a threading guide that is super easy to follow.

Thread guide for Juki overlocker


The colored dots that are marked along the threading tracks are really obvious. The knob pressures are easy to adjust.  It’s not a finicky machine at all. So far anyway 🙂



It’s been a smooth, fun machine to use. Just what I wanted!   I’ll update after using it awhile longer.