This gathered raglan dress is perfect for the casual kid in your life 🙂  I love pairing the cuff leggings for an easy complete outfit for Eleanor.

The sew is easy too! Check out a few steps below to see how quickly it goes together.

The pieces are cut out of separate fabrics usually.  The skirt should be a lighter weight fabric than the top. I like a really lightweight jersey for the look and ease of sewing.

The top is a raglan sweatshirt style that has been modified to be a bit looser and dress-like, with pockets as well.

The pockets get sewn first, then the sleeves sewn in

The side seams are closed then sleeve cuffs and neckband sewn in

The 2 skirt panels will be serged together at the sides, hemmed along the bottom then gathered around the top to fit the width of the sweatshirt waist.

The waistband and the skirt are both placed inside the waist area and serged together all the way around.  The quarter points are pinned to make it easier to align.

After serging the skirt in, you will fold down the waistband on top of it and top stitch the waist seam to hold it up.

Iron the seams to complete!  This dress is so simple and trendy it’s instant love for me 🙂