The trendy summer pairing for an edgy tee and shorts (or pants)

I’ve been using some basic patterns to make these mods for awhile and I decided it was about time to make actual patterns so I could consistently make them for E and T. Instead of measuring, cutting, sometimes getting it wrong. It’ll be right every time now!  The pair is a good look for almost any fabric.  Plus they couldn’t be easier to sew! Bonus!

The tee is made just like the basic tee, except it’s not hemmed anywhere.  The instructions show a normal neckband but you can do a raw neckband by cutting the piece half the width and skipping the folding into a band part.  Easy!

Pieces cut out^


Shoulders serged together^

Sleeves serged on^

Side seams serged^

Neckband placed and seams lock stitched^

That’s it for the shirt!  Now for the bottoms –>

Cut out pieces^

Sides and inseam serged^

Waistband and elastic assembled^

Waistband serged on^

Waistband top stitched and seams lock stitched^

Drawstring threaded through^

And outfit complete!  It’s an easy, trendy evening project that E and T both love wearing, what’s better then that??

You can find these patterns on the website, and if you want to see what people are saying about them, check out the sew and tell!