Gathered Raglan Dress: 112

This gathered raglan dress is perfect for the casual kid in your life :)  I love pairing the cuff leggings for an easy complete outfit for Eleanor. The sew is easy too! Check out a few steps below to see how quickly it goes together. The pieces are cut out of separate fabrics usually.  The [...]

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Edgy tee and bottoms 106 + 108

The trendy summer pairing for an edgy tee and shorts (or pants) I've been using some basic patterns to make these mods for awhile and I decided it was about time to make actual patterns so I could consistently make them for E and T. Instead of measuring, cutting, sometimes getting it wrong. It'll be [...]

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Calling pattern testers!

THIS TESTING CALL IS CLOSED FOR NOW, THANKS FOR ALL THE RESPONSE!! Brindille & Twig is looking for some pattern testers to fill out our team! We have just created our Facebook group for testers only and we need to add a few people like you <- What does testing look like? Pattern testers will [...]

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Spring Romper pattern : 105

I've created the spring romper in response to many requests! The summer romper is very popular and some people wanted it with the ability to add legs. So here is a similar pattern to the summer romper with leg options and a pocket detail! The pattern is appropriate for a beginner, you can preview some [...]

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Brindille and Twig’s new free pattern: The ringer tee

It's been awhile since I offered a free pattern so I decided it's about time! I made the ringer tee as an easy, fast style that anyone can try out. Even as a first project! The pattern also has the new layers feature you can read about here. I will show a short tutorial below [...]

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New way to print Brindille and Twig sewing patterns… LAYERS!!

Theo and I are so excited to show this to you!!  I've been working on figuring layers out since I did the survey in Brindille & Twig's sew and tell. From now on, all Brindille & Twig patterns will come in layers. (all these instructions will be included in the tutorials as well) Meaning: you [...]

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Harem coverall : 97

I love this harem coverall style so much but the reason I've hesitated to make the pattern is because it can be a tricky balance. You need to be able to pull it up through the neck but you also need the neck to keep it's shape. That's why you need to be careful about which fabric [...]

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Hood zip coverall pattern 96

Hello again!  I know it's been a LONG time!!  Mr. Theo (above) took it out of me for quite awhile :)  I believe I am back though, for the long haul. One of the patterns I needed for my baby boy was the zip coverall and finally, here it is!! Theo has been living in versions of [...]

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Sprout Patterns

The printing, taping and cutting out of patterns is undoubtedly the most boring step of using digital patterns, right?  I just want to get to the fabric, sewing and wearing!! That's why I was excited to hear about Sprout Patterns, a division of the fabric printing company, Spoonflower. They print the pattern in your specified [...]

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Hooded vest for fall! Pattern 95

Can you tell how jazzed she is with her new vest??  :)  I love it too. It's one of my all-time favorites in fact!  I made it in a few different types of fabric.  A sweatshirt knit, a medium weight jersey and an interlock.  It worked well in all three but I think I like the [...]

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