Ice cream pants with baggy tee

I don’t know why but I feel like ‘ice cream pants’ is the perfect name for these! The curves remind me of ice cream dripping or something.  Idk, maybe I’m just a little crazy. Either way, the pants are ripe for customization!  Mixing and matching with these pants is so fun and crazy cute. You can see the patterns on my website. The pants and shirt are discounted to $5.50 for the week. The following photos show me sewing up a pair of ice cream pants. It’s a little abbreviated from the... Read The Rest →

Harem romper with 2 shoulder styles

This adorable romper style has been on my hit list for some time.  I’m really happy with the way it turned out. I love the ties for Eleanor but I like the snap style a lot too! You can get the pattern on my website. I’ll post some steps below so you can see how easy it is 🙂 You’ll cut out your pieces depending on what shoulder style you use.  The back shoulders will be longer if you use snaps so you can fold it on top of the front.   The... Read The Rest →

Basic a-line dress for every occasion

A good basic dress will always be necessary in Eleanor’s wardrobe. I like something casual and cute without being over the top girly. This one hits all the notes! It is purposefully simple for a clean look. (I favor a clean look on most everything) Take a peek at the tutorial below and give it a try this weekend! You’ll find the pattern on my website, use the code ‘2dollars’ to get a $2 discount on this or a different pattern until next Tuesday, Feb 17th. Getting the sleeves sewn on is... Read The Rest →

My of-the-moment pattern! Pocket puff pants

I seem to have a new clothing style obsession every other day but hey, nothing wrong with that!  Keeps things interesting. This pant style has been in my head for a while, ever since I saw them in a store some where.  It would be so much easier if I didn’t make patterns and I could just buy the pants and get it over with.  But nope, can’t buy it when I can make it! I knew the pattern would take a good bit of time to get right so... Read The Rest →

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