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I don’t know why but I feel like ‘ice cream pants’ is the perfect name for these! The curves remind me of ice cream dripping or something.  Idk, maybe I’m just a little crazy.

Either way, the pants are ripe for customization!  Mixing and matching with these pants is so fun and crazy cute.

You can see the patterns on my website. The pants and shirt are discounted to $5.50 for the week.

The following photos show me sewing up a pair of ice cream pants. It’s a little abbreviated from the tutorial version but you will get a good idea of the construction.

These pieces are the sides and waistband:


Lower legs:




Elastic and drawstring:  The drawstring is optional. The elastic is 1″ wide.


You will start by serging the lower legs together at the sides and inseam:


Then, the top pieces get serged together at the center front and center back.


The top piece will be pinned inside the lower legs at the front, back and sides.



Then, serge together all the way around the curves.  A little fabric maneuvering here to match the curves but nothing difficult.


It will look like this after pulling the top piece out.


Ankle cuffs are sewn on now.  Fold the cuffs in half, with right sides of fabric together and serge together down the edge.


Fold the cuffs in half again, this time so wrong sides of fabric are together and the seam is hidden.


Place the cuffs inside the ankles, so the raw edges are lined up.


Serge cuffs on by stretching them to fit and sewing a complete circle.


Now for the waistband!  It’s a little different from any of my current waistbands.

The band is folded in half with wrong sides together, the short ends meet up and overlap.  (one edge is folded in 1/4″)


A little closer up here:


That overlap is stitched together to hold in place.


Now it’s sewn on like normal, placed inside the pants waist and pinned at center front, back and sides.


This waistband doesn’t need to be stretched just serge it on around the waist.



The elastic gets threaded through that gap in the back.  Place a safety pin on the end of your elastic and thread through completely. Overlap the elastic ends and sew together in a Z shape.


Pull the elastic inside the waist and distribute the fabric evenly.

If you’re doing a drawstring you will clip 2 tiny holes at the center front waistband and thread the drawstring through on top of the elastic.


The gap at the center back waistband needs to be overlapped again and sewn shut. This will hold the elastic and drawstring in place too.


The pants are done now! Just need a little ironing or steaming to look polished 🙂


The top part of the outfit is the new baggy tee.  It’s a casual, loose fit tee that will pair with these pants well, especially by being tucked into the front. I also love the rolled up sleeves on the long tee, looks pretty cool:)   It comes with a short sleeve as well.

This is my girl version of the outfit but it’s perfect for boys too! Especially the more baggy tee.

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