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A good basic dress will always be necessary in Eleanor’s wardrobe. I like something casual and cute without being over the top girly. This one hits all the notes!
It is purposefully simple for a clean look. (I favor a clean look on most everything)
Take a peek at the tutorial below and give it a try this weekend!

You’ll find the pattern on my website, use the code ‘2dollars’ to get a $2 discount on this or a different pattern until next Tuesday, Feb 17th.


Getting the sleeves sewn on is the first step. The tutorial will give more direction on all these steps.  Basically, the short edge of the sleeve cap gets sewn to the front arm of the body.  The taller edge of the sleeve cap gets sewn to the back arm of the body.


3 5

I like hemming the sleeves before sewing the side seam on this one. The sleeve hem gets folded up 3/4″ and zig-zag stitched across the top.

7 8

Sides seams are sewn together now.



And, the neckband serged on. I have a video to help with this if you’d like!

14 15 16

After the neckband, the bottom hem is folded inside 3/4″ and sewn across the top with a zig-zag stitch.  And the side seam is sewn to the wrist to secure it.


17 19

That’s seriously all it takes!  It’s a super fast one 🙂


display of rain dress

As I said before, I’m loving this PaaPii print, I will burn you out on it before I’m done 😉

dress worn