I love this harem coverall style so much but the reason I’ve hesitated to make the pattern is because it can be a tricky balance.

You need to be able to pull it up through the neck but you also need the neck to keep it’s shape.

That’s why you need to be careful about which fabric you use. If you don’t have one that recovers after being stretched you can put a thin elastic in the neckband to pull it back to shape.

The pattern itself is a very easy sew though so once you get started it will be done in no time!

Here’s a few simple steps from the tutorial for the sleeved version, there are instructions for the tank style in the tutorial as well.

Start by serging the shoulder seams together.


After the sleeves are hemmed they are serged onto the garment.


Then, the side seams and inseam are serged closed.


You can choose to use cuffs for the bottom (it will indicate in the pattern where to cut the leg hem if you use cuffs)

Or you can simply hem the bottom or roll it up and sew it.



The neckband is done in the same way as all neckbands unless you are adding elastic.  The elastic is sewn on before serging to make sure it’s secure. Then the neckband is folded and serged to the neckhole.


The hem of the sleeve needs to be stitched to secure the serged seam.


That’s all it takes!  You can do a short sleeve, long sleeve or tank top. Also a cuffed hem or not.

5958rain long sleeve

Find the harem coverall pattern and remember to show everyone what you’ve done in the sew and tell! I hope you have fun, let your imagination run wild 🙂

Love, Melissa

P.S. that beautiful yellow fabric with the mint dots is from Monkeys and Pumpkins, I couldn’t believe it matched so perfectly!