Hello again!  I know it’s been a LONG time!!  Mr. Theo (above) took it out of me for quite awhile 🙂  I believe I am back though, for the long haul.

One of the patterns I needed for my baby boy was the zip coverall and finally, here it is!! Theo has been living in versions of this outfit most days since I started testing the pattern.

It is so easy for changes and keeping him fully covered.  I also love to pull the hood up when it’s a bit chilly around the house or outdoors.

This pattern is SO worth the effort of the zipper, believe me you will love it!

Check out a few of the tutorial photos below to get an idea of the construction.

The pieces cut out before starting:


The zipper is the first step. It will get sewn into each side of the front, as well as the zipper guard.   There are a LOT more photos in the tutorial to explain the zipper.  Also, many more words 🙂


After the zipper is on, the rest is serged together as you would expect, shoulders, sleeves, side seams, gusset, inseam and cuffs!


Finally, the hood is serged together and serged onto the neck.  Both ends are encased in the zipper lining so it looks nice and finished.


After ironing the final piece it is complete!   Of course it’s much more extended and detailed but that is a good, broad overview of what it will take.


You can see the listing on my website as always, and the best place to go if you want to show off or ask group questions is the Facebook show and tell group.

Have a great week!  Melissa