The printing, taping and cutting out of patterns is undoubtedly the most boring step of using digital patterns, right?  I just want to get to the fabric, sewing and wearing!!

That’s why I was excited to hear about Sprout Patterns, a division of the fabric printing company, Spoonflower.

They print the pattern in your specified size directly onto the fabric you choose.  Goodbye printing and taping!  I was super excited to get my patterns in their lineup so we could all get the chance to skip our most dreaded step of the process 🙂

I finally got to try them out recently and wanted to show you a bit what it was like.

First you go to the Sprout Patterns website

Choose your pattern, click ‘create your own’ and then specify which size or style.  There you will also search for the fabric design and it will show the design placed on your fabric and in a 3-D rendering.  Great for knowing the scale of a print!

I decided to make Eleanor a t-shirt dress with leggings and a hoodie with leggings.  I also got a newborn harem romper for the baby boy who will be here in 6 weeks! 🙂

Here they are taken out of the package.  You will get the pattern download with instructions also, right after you purchase.



When you open the fabric you can see each piece printing there and labeled with which piece it is.

3 3a 4 5

It’s meant to be cut out along the solid line before the white part.  Seam allowance is already included.

6 7 8 9 10 11 12

After cutting out the pieces, sewing took no time at all!  I had the dress, hoodie, both leggings and the romper done in less time than it usually takes for one project.

I could NOT wrangle Eleanor for some photos for anything!  So I took some flat and on the mannequin.  They are adorable on, and she got SO many compliments on the prints when I wore them out.

13 14

Can’t wait to try this romper on the new baby!!  🙂

17 1516

Check out Sprout patterns for ideas curated by me and others in the community, there are literally ENDLESS options!!  You could get your boy or girl almost any combo you can think of 🙂

Happy holidays, talk to you soon -Melissa