Sooner or later we will get hit with dropping temperatures and I want to be prepared!  I’m talking about Eleanor’s wardrobe of course.  I made 2 new patterns that are perfect to keep her warm, the slanted seam hoodie (with a hi-lo hem) and the side pocket pants that can store all kinds of stuff!

The leopard print is amazing too and people comment on it everywhere we go.  I think I want some for myself 🙂

First, the hoodie.

The front has 3 separate pieces that are sewn together to add texture and allow you to mix and match.  Many times, I do a solid color in the middle with a print.  There’s also a separate piece at the top back.

The hem is a hi-lo look so the back drops further than the front, because it’s adorable and who doesn’t love that?

Here’s a few photos of it being put together so you can see how easy it is.

Front sewn together:


Back sewn together:


Back and front connected and sleeves sewn on:


Side seams closed:


Hood pieced together:


Hood sewn on:


Cuffs and band sewn on. Here you can see the hem difference as well.


That’s it!  Now for the pants.

The pockets get a little pleat sewn in them at the bottom to add volume, then a band is sewn across the top and the edges are pressed in 1/4″:

61 (1)

Pockets are pinned to the side of the pants 3.5″ below the waist:


Both pockets are sewn on:

71 (1)

Inseam is sewn shut then the ankle cuffs and waistband are sewn on:

75 76


And the drawstring completes them!

85 (1)86

They are easy and stylin’ 🙂




1 (1)


12 (1)

Seriously, you gotta find some leopard print in your future!

You can find the slanted hoodie and pocket pants on the website. Enjoy creating!