I’ve been wanting to do a cardigan for awhile and I love how it turned out!  This sweater is called the Grandpa Cardigan and is paired with a new pants pattern called the Streamline Pants.

The collar can be folded down for less warmth or buttoned up around the neck for more warmth.

To sew the cardigan you’ll need a way to do buttonholes. I use my buttonhole foot on my regular sewing machine and it’s really easy!

The collar is first interfaced where the button and buttonholes will go.

8 (1)

I mark the buttonhole placements with a washable marker or chalk that will come off.

5 (1) 12 (1)

After sewing the main body part together, the collar is simply serged around the edge from bottom hem to bottom hem. 25 37 39

This is after the buttonholes are sewn onto the collar.



Here, I’ve hand sewn the buttons onto the other half of the collar and clipped open the buttonholes. 44

The photo at the top shows the collar buttoned up around the neck, here you see it folded down.


She’s also wearing the streamline pants with the cardigan.  The back of the pants have a center gusset you can see serged together here. 19

The front pockets have an optional piping for added contrast. I usually chose to do the piping because I love the way it looks!  There’s also real pockets that are sewn together here before the front and back are serged together.


After serging the front and back legs together, the cuffs are serged to the ankles.  Then, the inseam is closed.  You can chose to place the cuffs the other way, by serging the inseam then serging the cuffs on in a circle like a lot of my other pants call for.  The way that is shown makes it easier for using a less stretchy fabric.

28 34 35

After the waistband is sewn down inside the pants, elastic and drawstring are threaded through center holes.


Then the pants are done! It’s pretty straightforward, you won’t have problem with this outfit. The buttons are so worth it!


You can go to our website to see the Grandpa Cardigan or the Streamline Pants patterns.

We always love to see them shown off in the Facebook sew and tell!

Until next time 🙂  -Melissa