:Fringe romper pattern:

I’ve been loving the fringe detail on clothes for so long I can’t believe I haven’t done it until now!!  This is a really easy detail to add to ANY pattern.  Top, pants, shorts, one-piece etc..

I feel like this one-piece pattern is the perfect fit though, the hems are rolled and the binding is raw so it really compliments the raw edged fringes.

BUT, if you aren’t digging the fringe and like the one-piece just leave it off!  Easy as that 🙂

I can’t WAIT WAIT WAIT to wear these outfits on E! I am in love with my own creation. Sorry for being so humble.

Take if from me, this is easy to put together! The only new part you’ll notice is the way the binding is sewn. You might have to take one practice try before the real thing but then, it’s really easy 🙂  AS LONG AS YOU USE THE RIGHT FABRIC!! A less stretchy, thinner, jersey knit fabric works the best.  Anything with a lot of stretch gets really difficult.   Try anything you want though, I have made it work with a stretchy one.

Details in the tutorial will be much more thorough but a good look is below.

Photo 1:  The pieces cut out. Front, back, fringes and bindings.  The bindings are only 3/4″ in this pattern because they aren’t folded over.

1 2

: Shoulders serged together


: This is the neck binding. You’ll stretch it before sewing it so the edges curl in.  Makes it easier to line up close to the edge. Also, it’s the look I want.


: You’ll lay the binding at the back neck to start.  Then, zig-zag on top, in the middle.   Overlap at the back and trim extra binding and threads.



:Same is done to the armholes


:Fringe is laid along the side seams. Right side of fabric against right side of the front.  About 1.5″ down from the armpit.


:Side seams are serged closed with fringe sandwiched between front and back



:Hems rolled and sewn secure


:Side seams secured at armpit


:Fringes trimmed (super easy and doesn’t need to be precise)



:After I steam it and stretch the fringes it’s done! It was so easy for the perfect outcome!


I put E in a pants version and couldn’t be happier,  she loves the little fringes and can move freely about! I say it’s a win-win 🙂

:See the fringe romper pattern: