This is my first t-shirt dress pattern modification, although it’s the perfect base for many mods.

I love that Brutus is in this picture ūüôā ¬†That’s our shih-tzu. ¬†Anyway, the mod I did here is a version I think I’ll make a lot of for Eleanor. ¬†It’s so light and airy with a little funkier look than the classic dress. When you want to mix it up a bit, this is an easy, fun one to try!

I basically cut the bottom half off, doubled it, gathered it and sewed it back on.

More detailed instruction:

Start by taking the front pattern piece of the dress and measuring about half way between the neck and hem.

I actually made it a touch lower than half way. I used 12-18M size and measured up 7 5/8″ Make a mark there.


Measure up the same amount on the side seam.  Mark there.


Draw a curved line between the two marks. Make sure the curve you draw is the same as the hem by measuring up from the hem and marking a few places along the line.


Do the same measurement for the back and cut the bottom half off. ¬†I messed up the curve and had to re-draw it as you can see. Gotta make sure it’s even all the way across!



Now, you will double the bottom halves by extending straight out from the fold line with a piece of paper. I added about 8.5″ width to the fold line to double it.


Here are the bottom pieces cut out on the fold with the new pattern piece.


Cut out the top, sleeves and neckband like usual.



Sew a gathering stitch across the top of the bottom pieces. Knot one end of the seam.


Gather the bottom piece to match the width of the top.


Flip it up to the top so the wrong side is showing. Pin the gathered edge along the top edge in several places.


Serge them together


It will look like this after you serge them together. Do the same thing for the back.



Now proceed with the rest like you would normally.

Serge the shoulders together


After hemming the sleeves, serge them to the armholes


Serge the side seams together from sleeve to bottom hem.



Serge the neckband on


Hem the bottom


A little ironing and that’s it, ¬†now your little one can twirl away!


Don’t mind¬†the dirt all over her, couldn’t keep her clean for even 5 minutes to take a picture. Oh well, it’s more realistic this way ūüėČ



Have fun with it!

If you need the dress pattern you can find it on my website Brindilletwig.com

-Melissa (also Eleanor and Brutus, they were FULLY involved)