How adorable is she??  I made this one piece without any bindings and a simple pull over neckband.  So, if you are one of those that won’t do binding then this is for you 🙂

The hat patterns are long overdue. They are such staples that I adore and I’m so happy to use them for Eleanor now!

The pilot hat, helmet hat and raglan one-piece

white blue sidegrreen stripeblue

are published on my website and of course have an early bird discount:)

The partial one-piece tutorial is below to check out:


The piece are cut out here. You can use contrasting fabrics of course. I actually prefer contrasting but didn’t in this one for some reason.

2 1 4

Sleeves sewn to the front and back:

11 12


Side seams get lined up and sewn together:



Neckband gets sewn on in the typical way:

22 24 25

Gusset gets sewn to the back leg inseam:  The binding is sewn on after this, not pictured.


The inseam facing is serged onto the inseam (after it gets interfaced):

41 43

The ankles are hemmed here, before sewing the facing to the leg.

45 49

Now the facing is sewn to the leg area:


Arms are hemmed:


Snaps placed and it’s done!

74 display squirrel


Thanks for checking it out!  If you decide to sew one, please show it off!!  We love seeing projects 🙂