front outfit

This shirt design took some time to get right, it was a little frustrating but I had a LOT of fun with the mixing and matching fabrics along the way!  Love the curves and piping detail:)

Eleanor likes it too. Don’t mind the expression, looks like she’s trying to sell you the lotion or something, Lol.

The circle skirt is super basic and fast to sew, which is vital when I need something in like 1/2 hour!

Check out part of the tutorial below or view the shirt and skirt patterns on my website.

Here is some of the shirt tutorial, starting with the pieces cut out.


The first thing you’ll do is fold the piping in half and sew it to the center front curves.


Then, serge each front side along the curves to make the front piece.

11 14

The collar pieces are sewn together here, turned right side out and top stitched along the edge.  Set the collar on the neck area, overlapping the center a bit and sew a small seam in the middle to hold them in place.



The rest is sewn like any t-shirt.  Serge front and back shoulders together, make sure collar is serged into the seam.


Sleeves get serged on.


Side seam is serged closed from the sleeve to the waist.


Neckband is serged together at the short ends and folded in half so it forms the circle you see. Then, with the shirt inside out, place the neckband inside the neck area and pin in place, matching notches. Serge the neckband to the neck while stretching it to fit.


Hemming the sleeves and the bottom are the final step!  The edges get folded inside 3/4″ and zig-zag stitched from the top to hem.  You can also use a double needle, coverstitch or another machine stretch stitch to hem.


Then, your shirt is done!


Now, you can pair with anything you want. I like the circle skirt and leggings but anything will work!

The mod collar tee and circle skirt are published now! You can get them discounted for a week 🙂