I recently needed to purchase a new sewing machine so I looked on Amazon like usual.  I was looking for a really basic mechanical sewing machine. I don’t need the electronic settings or embroidery options.

I ordered the Singer heavy duty to try first because it’s so cheap.  Not surprising, I hated it and sent it back.

Then, I ordered the Janome HD-1000 (affiliate).  I got it and used it for a day.  I knew I didn’t like it because it didn’t have manually adjustable foot pressure. It also wobbled a bit and I didn’t like the front loading bobbin.

So, back to Amazon!  I ordered the Janome HD-3000 (affiliate) because it stated adjustable foot pressure (YAY!) and it had a top loading bobbin.

When I got it, I knew I like it right away.  It was stable, had a top loading bobbin, the knobs and settings were a lot more intuitive, I could manually adjust the pressure.  It felt right 🙂

Now, I know my sewing needs aren’t the same as everyone so I took a few photos of the HD-1000 and HD-3000 to show some of the differences.  You can decide for yourself which you would like better.

The HD-1000 is in the front.  Another thing I forgot is that I didn’t like the way the HD-1000 threaded. The HD-3000 felt more natural. (it could just be what I’m used to though)




Here you can see the top loading bobbin on the HD-3000.  Also the storage drawer.


This is the HD-1000 front loading bobbin.


The HD-1000 stitch settings.  It was fine, I just didn’t like it the same as the HD-3000


HD-3000 stitch settings.  It was a lot easier to use and felt more intuitive.   You adjust the type of stitch with the bottom knob on the right side.


I thought this was awesome on the HD-3000.  This is the top. It opens up and you can see all the stitches, it’s where you put your thread, thread bobbins AND store some feet!

I love it.  It closes so everything looks super clean.


Here you can see the foot storage a little better.


And, the adjustable foot pressure!  That black knob..


So, I sent the HD-1000 back and kept the HD-3000.   I’ve been using it for about a month and I still like it.  So far, so good!   I’ll update after I use it a little longer.

Hope this helps a bit if you’re considering one of the two!