yellow bodsuit

I’m doing a rogue release prior to the collection I’m designing right now.  This pattern has been a popular request for a while so I’m happy to say I finally got it done for you all!

It’s a basic bodysuit dress with a long sleeve and short sleeve option.  I didn’t choose the typical envelope neck because the skirt adds interest and I didn’t want it to look too busy.

That’s why I decided to do the single shoulder snap opening.  I love the final look and love that I can pair it with pants underneath!

body dressoutfit

I’ll add some tutorial photos so you can get a good idea of what it’s going to entail.  It doesn’t take much, don’t be scared to try!!

Here are the pieces cut out:


Neck binding being done:



Sleeves sewn on and side seam sewn:


Skirt, bottom and top all being sewn together:


After all the snaps are on and the top is done!!:



I just published it here! It’s discounted $5.50 for the first 24 hrs just for you 🙂

Thanks for the great idea and hope you enjoy it!!  You can show it off in the sewing group too!