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I know you’ve been patiently waiting for this sweatshirt so I’m super excited to get it to you!

The pattern is a raglan sleeve sweatshirt with a scuba style hood, optional front pocket and arm seam detailing.

It’s been my favorite pattern for a long time because it’s practical, unique, warm, super comfortable, versatile and beyond adorable!

I love pairing it with the regular leggings, slim harems and cuff leggings patterns.

Here’s a bit of the tutorial for you to check out.  But more importantly, go get the pattern and make like 15 of them, it’s that awesome!

It’s also the pattern I used for the peacock costume, in case you were wondering.

With this pattern, you will notice some things have changed in the layout. I also added some information to the file. All my patterns will eventually look the same as this sweatshirt- just something I’m adding to improve the patterns.

Like all the patterns, you will print and cut out the pieces in your size.


Then, the pieces will have to be cut out of your fabrics:  These are just a couple examples, you will need to cut out the front, back and cuffs as well.


The first thing to do is sew the pocket on the front of the sweatshirt (this is totally optional by the way)


One of the techniques I used is the arm seam detailing.  This is really easy to do.  You will just cut 4 strips of fabric (mine measure 7/8″ x 10″, I have a piece for them in the pattern) , fold them in half and sew them to the arm seams before sewing the sleeves on- See in the following photos:

23 35 37 39 40

After sewing the sleeve on and opening, you will see the detail on all 4 seams.


Then, you will sew the sides together, sew the cuffs and waistband on and add the hood!

57 62 67

The tutorial will have many more detailed steps of course, this is just a quick look.

whitefull front

To get the pattern:

Visit our website from the link below and click the DOWNLOAD button!