Hooded vest for fall! Pattern 95


Can you tell how jazzed she is with her new vest??  🙂  I love it too. It’s one of my all-time favorites in fact!  I made it in a few different types of fabric.  A sweatshirt knit, a medium weight jersey and an interlock.  It worked well in all three but I think I like the sweatshirt knit the best. It’s just so cozy!!  I paired the vest pattern with the faux pocket pants pattern, they work perfectly together.

You can see the pattern here or look below for some photos in the tutorial.

These example photos were done using a medium weight jersey.

The first step is the center front area where the snaps will go.  If using jersey you will want to interface this, or add another layer of fabric for stability.


The pocket gets sewn to one side of the vest. I always do the left side. No reason, just do!  It gets sewn on with the sewing machine, then a snap is added at the center of the top tab.

19 22

Shoulders and side seams are serged shut, then the armbands are serged to the arm holes.


24 29 32

The waistband is serged on and topstitched.


Then, the hood is serged together and serged to the vest neck area.  Also topstitched at the neck.

40 45

All the snaps are placed.  After that I used a straight stitch through both hood layers for the drawstring casing around the face.  Then, the drawstring gets threaded through two holes cut near the center front.

53 73

That’s it! Of course the tutorial is much more detailed in explanation and photos but this gives you a quick overview.


Eleanor very much approves of this latest style, now I want one for myself!


  • Shal

    Love it – do you think it could be made without the buttons or hood drawstring for littlies?

    • Yes it could be made without snaps or drawstring. At that point you would be better off using the actual hoodie pattern and not putting the sleeves on it. Add cuffs instead of sleeves.

      • Becs Carter

        Thats exactly what I did. Looks super cute!

  • Great Vest! Love all the details ♥

  • Great Vest! Love all the little details ♥

  • Hillary Otis

    I have a thin jegging material I want to use, do you think I could line this with say sherpa? Not sure if it would look weird or not but sounds cozy