I seem to have a new clothing style obsession every other day but hey, nothing wrong with that!  Keeps things interesting.

This pant style has been in my head for a while, ever since I saw them in a store some where.  It would be so much easier if I didn’t make patterns and I could just buy the pants and get it over with.  But nope, can’t buy it when I can make it!

I knew the pattern would take a good bit of time to get right so I’ve been putting it off for a while.

I’m so happy I got the pattern done, it’s seriously so fun to wear these on E! People love them everywhere we go 🙂

Enjoy a look at the tutorial!  If you want to try them you’ll find the pattern on my website, discounted to $5.50 for a week.



After cutting out the pieces, the slanted pocket pieces are placed on the front pant piece and sewn on at the angle.

2 3

Open them up to look like this and get the other pocket pieces.  Lay the pocket backing on top and sew them together along the curved edge.



Then, the pockets get folded in along the slanted seam.  It looks like this on the front


This is the back after the pocket is folded in.


Sew along the slanted pocket edge so pocket lays flat.  Then sew a short temporary stitch at the top to hold pocket in place.



After the pockets are done, the top section is sewn on



The top of the back piece is sewn on as well




Front and back side seams and inseams are sewn together and then I serge around the top of the waist.





Cuffs are sewn together,  folded into cuffs and placed inside the leg.  Serge them onto the ankles while stretching the cuff to fit.




The elastic is the last step- I fold the waist down 1/2″ and sew around the waist leaving a gap for the elastic.   Thread the elastic through, sew it together and close the gap.




Now I have trendy little puff pants for E!  I even managed to get a picture of her in a pair.  Don’t judge the phone 😉  You’ve done it too…

Remember you can always show off your photos in the sewing group 🙂