Beginners guide to knit fabrics

Quick overlook of the commonly used knit fabrics

Knit fabrics can be a bit confusing in the beginning. I hope this quick overview will help you understand the basics! Zoom in on the graphic to see it better..

  • fran fran

    Hi Melissa! I love your patterns. Do you have any recommendations for sites to buy jersey fabrics online? They’re really hard to find in the UK but I’m planning a trip to the US soon so would like to order some to bring back. Thanks! Fran

    • Hi Fran, I was just in the UK a couple weeks ago! For my fabric I shop Dawanda a lot. I also find some on Ebay, Harts fabric, Natures fabric and a few other random sites I can’t think of right now. Dawanda is a German site so not specific to the US. Enjoy your trip!

      • fran fran

        thanks Melissa – I’ll definitely have a look at those. also just wanted to say how great I think your patterns are and so easy to follow. well done and thank you!

        • Awww.. Thanks Fran!

        • Hi Fran, Girl Charlee have just opened in the UK – We specialise in exclusive knit fabrics. We offer 10% discount for all new customers and free shipping for orders over £50. We also ship to Europe. We hope you like our fabrics!

    • Jenelle

      Hi Fran! Hope you don’t mind me chiming in. I buy knits from and They have a good selection and has free shipping on orders over $35.

      • fran fran

        thank you – that’s really helpful! I’ll have a look now 🙂

  • Band3

    How do you know what a low quality rib looks like? What do you recommend?

    • Hi, It can be difficult to know which rib knits are going to work well and which ones aren’t. I would make sure it recovers well when you stretch it. I tend to use jersey with lycra in place or rib knit because I know it will recover well and doesn’t stretch out.

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  • Great graphic! Thanks so much for posting this. It’s been pinned to my Knits Tutorial Board on Pinterest. Thanks again.

  • zelia avila

    Great graphic I was always not so sure on what kind of material . Tannk you