Basic a-line dress for every occasion

A good basic dress will always be necessary in Eleanor’s wardrobe. I like something casual and cute without being over the top girly. This one hits all the notes! It is purposefully simple for a clean look. (I favor a clean look on most everything) Take a peek at the tutorial below and give it a try this weekend! You’ll find the pattern on my website, use the code ‘2dollars’ to get a $2 discount on this or a different pattern until next Tuesday, Feb 17th. Getting the sleeves sewn on is... Read The Rest →

My of-the-moment pattern! Pocket puff pants

I seem to have a new clothing style obsession every other day but hey, nothing wrong with that!  Keeps things interesting. This pant style has been in my head for a while, ever since I saw them in a store some where.  It would be so much easier if I didn’t make patterns and I could just buy the pants and get it over with.  But nope, can’t buy it when I can make it! I knew the pattern would take a good bit of time to get right so... Read The Rest →

New outfit for Eleanor with Birch Organic fabric!

Good day!  I have a new outfit to share along with some photos of the process 🙂 I recently got this Birch fabric from their new Circa 52 collection. It’s the Woodland Party print.  It is incredibly soft and has good stretch so I thought it would be perfect for Miss E’s new threads. (they are also giving fabric away so enter to win at the bottom of the post!) I needed a solid fabric to pair with the print and I’ve been wanting to use this beautiful blue jersey for some time... Read The Rest →

One-piece with back snaps -Pattern 68

I am working on a collection that I will be releasing 1 at a time every week with an early bird discount 🙂 This one-piece pattern is the second in the collection after the bodysuit dress.  A friend sent me a photo of this style and I thought it was great so here it is! Like I’ve done in the past I will walk you through part of the tutorial so you can see what it takes to make. The tutorial will be more detailed but this is a good overview. Starting with... Read The Rest →

JUKI MO-654DE Serger/Overlocker review

This will be really short and to the point but I just got a new serger and wanted to let you know I love it! It’s this Juki MO-654DE (affiliate link).  I got it on Amazon for $380. I’ve been using it for a month and have yet to run into anything I don’t like. You can use it as a 2, 3 or 4 thread seam. It’s pretty straight forward. You can see the differential feed knob on the right. As well as the stitch length.   Here’s the inside.... Read The Rest →

Janome HD-1000 vs. Janome HD-3000

I recently needed to purchase a new sewing machine so I looked on Amazon like usual.  I was looking for a really basic mechanical sewing machine. I don’t need the electronic settings or embroidery options. I ordered the Singer heavy duty to try first because it’s so cheap.  Not surprising, I hated it and sent it back. Then, I ordered the Janome HD-1000 (affiliate).  I got it and used it for a day.  I knew I didn’t like it because it didn’t have manually adjustable foot pressure. It also wobbled a bit... Read The Rest →

Bodysuit dress sewing pattern

I’m doing a rogue release prior to the collection I’m designing right now.  This pattern has been a popular request for a while so I’m happy to say I finally got it done for you all! It’s a basic bodysuit dress with a long sleeve and short sleeve option.  I didn’t choose the typical envelope neck because the skirt adds interest and I didn’t want it to look too busy. That’s why I decided to do the single shoulder snap opening.  I love the final look and love that I can pair it with pants... Read The Rest →

Never used a PDF (digital) sewing pattern?

If you’ve never purchased a digital sewing pattern it can be intimidating but trust me it’s SUPER EASY! Do these 4 steps once and you’ll never hesitate to buy another PDF pattern. I’ll explain in detail here: After finding the pattern you want, purchase it with Paypal or a credit card. (Or get this one free.) If it’s instant download, the pattern will be sent to your email from the website within a few minutes.  If it’s not instant, the shop owner will typically email it within 24 hours. Download by clicking the link or pdf... Read The Rest →

Shopping for knit fabric online

My focus is going to be knit fabrics used for children’s clothing.   The first thing you’ll have to decide is what TYPE of fabric you are looking for. The most common fabric for my patterns is JERSEY but you may also need RIBBING, INTERLOCK, FRENCH TERRY or SWEATSHIRT FLEECE.  Shop according to the pattern you are following, warmth you want, or stretch you want. For a beginners guide to knit fabrics check out this infographic.   After you decide what type of fabric you need, you will want to shop by FIBER CONTENT.  This is... Read The Rest →

Add a hood to #43 : footie one-piece

This hood modification will be perfect for the cool months ahead. Feet covered, head covered = warm, cozy little baby! I’ll have a pdf for the hood pattern piece at the end of this post.  It is compatible with the footie one-piece pattern (#43). You will follow the tutorial in the pattern just the same except a couple steps.   To begin:  Cut all the pieces from the pattern, plus the hood pieces.   Sew the first 4 steps in the tutorial Then, sew your hood together. Sew the 2 pieces of each layer... Read The Rest →

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