E’s outfit : Harem shorts and Tank

It’s been heating up around here and I quickly noticed E was lacking in the tank and shorts category.  I made the harem shorts for her with a tank top to go with them. Click the pics below to see the patterns.   I did make a couple small changes: Made the back of the tank longer than the front Added a drawstring to the shorts Rolled the shorts hems instead of folding inside Used double needle on the tank What do you think?

Fringe romper : 90

  :Fringe romper pattern: I’ve been loving the fringe detail on clothes for so long I can’t believe I haven’t done it until now!!  This is a really easy detail to add to ANY pattern.  Top, pants, shorts, one-piece etc.. I feel like this one-piece pattern is the perfect fit though, the hems are rolled and the binding is raw so it really compliments the raw edged fringes. BUT, if you aren’t digging the fringe and like the one-piece just leave it off!  Easy as that 🙂 I can’t WAIT WAIT WAIT to wear... Read The Rest →

Rolled hem romper: pattern 89

This is a pattern PERFECT for everyday summer! I think it will be my summer go-to! The rolled hems are super trendy and easy. Not only is it perfect for summer but there’s a long leg and sleeve option that I love for cool evenings or bed-time.  It’s a really versatile pattern and I think you will love it as much as me 🙂 It’s a simple sew as well, you can see below.   I’m only going to post a couple tutorial photos because I have a video of... Read The Rest →

Summer romper pattern tutorial

This summer romper is not complicated to make and can be the perfect warm weather staple!  I’ve made a few for Eleanor, she’s almost too old for the style but I still like it on her so I’ll wear it this summer 🙂 You’ll see how it’s put together below:  It’s abbreviated from the actual tutorial but the main points are shown. Here the pieces are cut out. You can see the front has two layers. You will also cut out 1 waist and 2 leg elastics and interfacing for the straps... Read The Rest →

T-shirt dress mod. #58

This is my first t-shirt dress pattern modification, although it’s the perfect base for many mods. I love that Brutus is in this picture 🙂  That’s our shih-tzu.  Anyway, the mod I did here is a version I think I’ll make a lot of for Eleanor.  It’s so light and airy with a little funkier look than the classic dress. When you want to mix it up a bit, this is an easy, fun one to try! I basically cut the bottom half off, doubled it, gathered it and sewed... Read The Rest →

Super fun mod for classic hoodie #14

  I did a modification this week that I love!  Despite trying to pack my whole house up, I managed some sewing 🙂  I used the classic hoodie and slim harems for this outfit. The hood overlaps at the center much more than the standard plus it’s lined. I also added length to the back hem and didn’t add a waistband like normal.  Just sewed a piece of fabric along the hem. These are the changes I made: When I cut the pieces out, I wanted the neck hole to be a bit wider... Read The Rest →

Pilot hats and pull over coveralls

    How adorable is she??  I made this one piece without any bindings and a simple pull over neckband.  So, if you are one of those that won’t do binding then this is for you 🙂 The hat patterns are long overdue. They are such staples that I adore and I’m so happy to use them for Eleanor now! The pilot hat, helmet hat and raglan one-piece are published on my website and of course have an early bird discount:) The partial one-piece tutorial is below to check out:   The... Read The Rest →

Mod collar tee and circle skirt

This shirt design took some time to get right, it was a little frustrating but I had a LOT of fun with the mixing and matching fabrics along the way!  Love the curves and piping detail:) Eleanor likes it too. Don’t mind the expression, looks like she’s trying to sell you the lotion or something, Lol. The circle skirt is super basic and fast to sew, which is vital when I need something in like 1/2 hour! Check out part of the tutorial below or view the shirt and skirt patterns... Read The Rest →

Ice cream pants with baggy tee

I don’t know why but I feel like ‘ice cream pants’ is the perfect name for these! The curves remind me of ice cream dripping or something.  Idk, maybe I’m just a little crazy. Either way, the pants are ripe for customization!  Mixing and matching with these pants is so fun and crazy cute. You can see the patterns on my website. The pants and shirt are discounted to $5.50 for the week. The following photos show me sewing up a pair of ice cream pants. It’s a little abbreviated from the... Read The Rest →

Harem romper with 2 shoulder styles

This adorable romper style has been on my hit list for some time.  I’m really happy with the way it turned out. I love the ties for Eleanor but I like the snap style a lot too! You can get the pattern on my website. I’ll post some steps below so you can see how easy it is 🙂 You’ll cut out your pieces depending on what shoulder style you use.  The back shoulders will be longer if you use snaps so you can fold it on top of the front.   The... Read The Rest →

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