E’s outfit : Harem shorts and Tank

It’s been heating up around here and I quickly noticed E was lacking in the tank and shorts category.  I made the harem shorts for her with a tank top to go with them. Click the pics below to see the patterns.   I did make a couple small changes: Made the back of the tank longer than the front Added a drawstring to the shorts Rolled the shorts hems instead of folding inside Used double needle on the tank What do you think?

T-shirt dress mod. #58

This is my first t-shirt dress pattern modification, although it’s the perfect base for many mods. I love that Brutus is in this picture 🙂  That’s our shih-tzu.  Anyway, the mod I did here is a version I think I’ll make a lot of for Eleanor.  It’s so light and airy with a little funkier look than the classic dress. When you want to mix it up a bit, this is an easy, fun one to try! I basically cut the bottom half off, doubled it, gathered it and sewed... Read The Rest →

Super fun mod for classic hoodie #14

  I did a modification this week that I love!  Despite trying to pack my whole house up, I managed some sewing 🙂  I used the classic hoodie and slim harems for this outfit. The hood overlaps at the center much more than the standard plus it’s lined. I also added length to the back hem and didn’t add a waistband like normal.  Just sewed a piece of fabric along the hem. These are the changes I made: When I cut the pieces out, I wanted the neck hole to be a bit wider... Read The Rest →

Add a hood to #43 : footie one-piece

This hood modification will be perfect for the cool months ahead. Feet covered, head covered = warm, cozy little baby! I’ll have a pdf for the hood pattern piece at the end of this post.  It is compatible with the footie one-piece pattern (#43). You will follow the tutorial in the pattern just the same except a couple steps.   To begin:  Cut all the pieces from the pattern, plus the hood pieces.   Sew the first 4 steps in the tutorial Then, sew your hood together. Sew the 2 pieces of each layer... Read The Rest →

Raglan dress real pockets

We’ve been talking a lot about the fake pockets on the raglan dress.  KIDS WANT REAL POCKETS TO STORE TREASURES!!  RIGHT?? I am learning…  My baby girl isn’t to that stage yet so it didn’t cross my mind when designing the pattern. Good thing I have friends like you to tell me how it is 🙂 This photo sequence will show you one option on how to add real pockets to the dress. There are different ways it can be done, I just think this one is cute. Starting out, you... Read The Rest →

Add curved hem to raglan sweatshirt

This is a  fast way to make a cute variation of the raglan sweatshirt.  Adding a curved hem in the back is easy and very trendy right now! To start you will need to cut out the sleeves, neckband and wrist cuffs. Cut about 1″ off the bottom of the wrist cuffs. I do this so it looks more proportionate to the waistband. The waistband will need to be shorter for this pattern. Add about 1″ of width to the waistband pattern.  Total will be 2″ because it’s cut on... Read The Rest →

Easy way to add ruffles to leggings

. Whenever I see leggings with ruffles it looks SO adorable, I had to make a few pairs for Eleanor. Turns out it is SUPER easy, so I took a few photos to show you how to do it. To start, cut out a pair of leggings: Then,  measure the width of the ankle area (where the ruffles will go) and double that measurement. Cut out 6 strips of fabric 1″ wide and the length of the above measurement.  So for me it was 1″ x 13″. I wanted 3 ruffles on each ankle... Read The Rest →

Quick way to add a cuff to a pattern

Here’s a short tutorial on how you can add a cuff to a sleeve. Also, how you can add a cuff to the waist of a t-shirt. I am using my raglan tee as the example but this ‘quick and dirty’ method will work on anything. First, have your pattern piece ready: I have my raglan long sleeve here:: Decide how tall you want the cuff to be: I chose 1.5″ for the wrist.  Anything from .25″ – 3″ or more will work. It’s all personal preference.  1.5″ is a good middle... Read The Rest →

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