Brindille and Twig’s new free pattern: The ringer tee

It’s been awhile since I offered a free pattern so I decided it’s about time! I made the ringer tee as an easy, fast style that anyone can try out. Even as a first project! The pattern also has the new layers feature you can read about here. I will show a short tutorial below so you know how easy it is to put together.  Get the free pattern on The pattern is cut out: I am using the short sleeve version but there’s a long sleeve version included.... Read The Rest →

New way to print Brindille and Twig sewing patterns… LAYERS!!

Retro cardigan sewing pattern

From now on, all Brindille & Twig patterns will come in layers. (all these instructions will be included in the tutorials as well) Meaning: you can simply select the size you want and print out ONLY that size.  (you can print as many or as few sizes as you like) This new option will be available from pattern 98 and on..  I will slowly update the older patterns to include this option but for now it will be the latest releases that have it. Here’s how it will work, Open... Read The Rest →

Harem coverall : 97

I love this harem coverall style so much but the reason I’ve hesitated to make the pattern is because it can be a tricky balance. You need to be able to pull it up through the neck but you also need the neck to keep it’s shape. That’s why you need to be careful about which fabric you use. If you don’t have one that recovers after being stretched you can put a thin elastic in the neckband to pull it back to shape. The pattern itself is a very easy sew though... Read The Rest →

Hood zip coverall pattern 96

Hello again!  I know it’s been a LONG time!!  Mr. Theo (above) took it out of me for quite awhile 🙂  I believe I am back though, for the long haul. One of the patterns I needed for my baby boy was the zip coverall and finally, here it is!! Theo has been living in versions of this outfit most days since I started testing the pattern. It is so easy for changes and keeping him fully covered.  I also love to pull the hood up when it’s a bit chilly around the house or outdoors. This... Read The Rest →

Hooded vest for fall! Pattern 95

Can you tell how jazzed she is with her new vest??  🙂  I love it too. It’s one of my all-time favorites in fact!  I made it in a few different types of fabric.  A sweatshirt knit, a medium weight jersey and an interlock.  It worked well in all three but I think I like the sweatshirt knit the best. It’s just so cozy!!  I paired the vest pattern with the faux pocket pants pattern, they work perfectly together. You can see the pattern here or look below for some photos... Read The Rest →

Pocket pants and slant hoodie

Sooner or later we will get hit with dropping temperatures and I want to be prepared!  I’m talking about Eleanor’s wardrobe of course.  I made 2 new patterns that are perfect to keep her warm, the slanted seam hoodie (with a hi-lo hem) and the side pocket pants that can store all kinds of stuff! The leopard print is amazing too and people comment on it everywhere we go.  I think I want some for myself 🙂 First, the hoodie. The front has 3 separate pieces that are sewn together to... Read The Rest →

Grandpa Cardigan and Streamline Pants

I’ve been wanting to do a cardigan for awhile and I love how it turned out!  This sweater is called the Grandpa Cardigan and is paired with a new pants pattern called the Streamline Pants. The collar can be folded down for less warmth or buttoned up around the neck for more warmth. To sew the cardigan you’ll need a way to do buttonholes. I use my buttonhole foot on my regular sewing machine and it’s really easy! The collar is first interfaced where the button and buttonholes will go. I... Read The Rest →

Kimono sleeve romper, perfect for solid fabrics!

This unisex kimono sleeve romper has a lot of different ways to finish it.  If you’re sewing for an older child you can use a good, stretchy fabric and skip the snaps, just pull it up through the neck.  If you don’t like the pockets, leave them off!!  I love them personally 🙂 The fit is really generous so if you like a closer fit, size down one. I like the generous fit for Eleanor, she seems to like it too. You can do a traditional hem on the sleeves... Read The Rest →

Fringe romper : 90

  :Fringe romper pattern: I’ve been loving the fringe detail on clothes for so long I can’t believe I haven’t done it until now!!  This is a really easy detail to add to ANY pattern.  Top, pants, shorts, one-piece etc.. I feel like this one-piece pattern is the perfect fit though, the hems are rolled and the binding is raw so it really compliments the raw edged fringes. BUT, if you aren’t digging the fringe and like the one-piece just leave it off!  Easy as that 🙂 I can’t WAIT WAIT WAIT to wear... Read The Rest →

Rolled hem romper: pattern 89

This is a pattern PERFECT for everyday summer! I think it will be my summer go-to! The rolled hems are super trendy and easy. Not only is it perfect for summer but there’s a long leg and sleeve option that I love for cool evenings or bed-time.  It’s a really versatile pattern and I think you will love it as much as me 🙂 It’s a simple sew as well, you can see below.   I’m only going to post a couple tutorial photos because I have a video of... Read The Rest →

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