Brindille and Twig’s new free pattern: The ringer tee

It’s been awhile since I offered a free pattern so I decided it’s about time! I made the ringer tee as an easy, fast style that anyone can try out. Even as a first project! The pattern also has the new layers feature you can read about here. I will show a short tutorial below so you know how easy it is to put together.  Get the free pattern on The pattern is cut out: I am using the short sleeve version but there’s a long sleeve version included.... Read The Rest →

New way to print Brindille and Twig sewing patterns… LAYERS!!

Retro cardigan sewing pattern

From now on, all Brindille & Twig patterns will come in layers. (all these instructions will be included in the tutorials as well) Meaning: you can simply select the size you want and print out ONLY that size.  (you can print as many or as few sizes as you like) This new option will be available from pattern 98 and on..  I will slowly update the older patterns to include this option but for now it will be the latest releases that have it. Here’s how it will work, Open... Read The Rest →

Sprout Patterns

The printing, taping and cutting out of patterns is undoubtedly the most boring step of using digital patterns, right?  I just want to get to the fabric, sewing and wearing!! That’s why I was excited to hear about Sprout Patterns, a division of the fabric printing company, Spoonflower. They print the pattern in your specified size directly onto the fabric you choose.  Goodbye printing and taping!  I was super excited to get my patterns in their lineup so we could all get the chance to skip our most dreaded step of... Read The Rest →

New outfit for Eleanor with Birch Organic fabric!

Good day!  I have a new outfit to share along with some photos of the process 🙂 I recently got this Birch fabric from their new Circa 52 collection. It’s the Woodland Party print.  It is incredibly soft and has good stretch so I thought it would be perfect for Miss E’s new threads. (they are also giving fabric away so enter to win at the bottom of the post!) I needed a solid fabric to pair with the print and I’ve been wanting to use this beautiful blue jersey for some time... Read The Rest →

Never used a PDF (digital) sewing pattern?

If you’ve never purchased a digital sewing pattern it can be intimidating but trust me it’s SUPER EASY! Do these 4 steps once and you’ll never hesitate to buy another PDF pattern. I’ll explain in detail here: After finding the pattern you want, purchase it with Paypal or a credit card. (Or get this one free.) If it’s instant download, the pattern will be sent to your email from the website within a few minutes.  If it’s not instant, the shop owner will typically email it within 24 hours. Download by clicking the link or pdf... Read The Rest →

Shopping for knit fabric online

My focus is going to be knit fabrics used for children’s clothing.   The first thing you’ll have to decide is what TYPE of fabric you are looking for. The most common fabric for my patterns is JERSEY but you may also need RIBBING, INTERLOCK, FRENCH TERRY or SWEATSHIRT FLEECE.  Shop according to the pattern you are following, warmth you want, or stretch you want. For a beginners guide to knit fabrics check out this infographic.   After you decide what type of fabric you need, you will want to shop by FIBER CONTENT.  This is... Read The Rest →

Handmade Halloween costume 2014

Hello everyone! With the Halloween costume contest running, I wanted to sew my own costume for Eleanor. The first thing that came to mind is a peacock so I went for it. 🙂 If you have sewn a costume go enter it in the contest! We have some awesome prizes so check it out! You can also vote for others, 1 vote every 24 hours. ENTER CONTEST or VOTE. If you are still looking for a costume idea, follow the post and make your own little human peacock! (click the photos to see them... Read The Rest →

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