Homestead blog hop with Birch Fabrics


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The lovely Birch Fabrics is releasing some new prints ‘Homestead by Emily Isabella‘  AND they are giving some fabric away so look toward the bottom of the post to win 🙂

They kindly let me try some of the gray sheep organic interlock fabric so I made my 2 latest!!  The slant seam hoodie and the side pocket pants.


Their fabric is always great to sew with, so easy and soft. Eleanor loves wearing it too. You can see she gladly modeled it for me (which isn’t very easy)  Even leaving the hood up!

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Check out the others that are using Birch fabric in their projects:


And win your own here!

Win 1 yard of each print from Homestead by Emily Isabella!

  • Kelly

    Ahh that line is so awesome!!

  • cazhoffy

    Gorgeous fabric and I love the new hoody pattern aswell, I will have to try that one soon.

  • armywifejenny

    Love the fabric line!

  • Emily Lewis

    Such cute fabric. I like the pants pockets you have.

  • SewSpunkee Miller

    You are simply amazing!! Love all your patterns and fabric choices😊

  • Allison D

    this would make so many great outfits for my little nieces and nephews!

  • Samantha Hendrix

    Can’t wait to make this!

  • Sarah Miller

    Love the fabric on this one!

  • Jessica Lanigan

    So precious! I love this line from Birch!

  • April Wright

    Awesome fabric choices!

  • Jessica

    so cute! I’d make my kids pj’s!

  • Cindy S.

    I would love to sew something up for my grandbabies with this! So cute!

  • Molly Campbell

    Stuff for my kids for sure!

  • Kathy Cummings

    Awesome fabrics! Thank you for the giveaway.

  • Kayla McMurtry

    This is perfect!! I absolutely love what you did with the fabric! I must try this!

  • Michele T

    I don’t know what is sweeter… The outfit or the mode??!! I would love to make something like this!!!

  • NothingToSeeHere

    This is adorable. I love the sheep!

  • Hayley Mullins

    Love the outfit and the fabric!

  • Craftynhmom

    This is adorable! I need that sheep fabric in my life.

  • camille duridas

    Years ago when I sewed for my 14 grandchildren you could not purchase this wonderflly designed and made fabric!

  • Jennifer W

    I want the whole collection!! I love the sheep though.

  • Rachael Spada

    Love the mellow hues and chickens!

  • Laura Manning

    Love that there are so many cute knits for kids once again. There were quite a few when my approaching 30’s kids were young, then these darling prints disappeared.

  • Jennifer Jeremiah

    Oh my goodness. I so love seeing such sweet and timeless fabric. I’d have to make something coordinating for my 3, almost 2, and almost born daughters <3

  • Birch Fabrics

    Love it to pieces! Thanks for being part of our hop!

  • Diane W

    I LOVE these prints! Guess I’d be making little baby outfits.

  • Margie Medeiros

    The new designs from Birch are wonderful! I can hardly wait to make something wonderful with them!

  • Teresa Eason

    Love this outfit and those lovely fabrics!

  • Suz Revell

    Love it! Thanks for sharing the new designs!

  • Marjolein Reidsma

    How would i use the fabric? I would sew something for me with the flower fabrics, and definitely something for the kids with the animal fabrics!

  • Sarah J

    I would love some dresses from this line for my little girl!

  • Melissa Hammerstrom

    I have lots of ideas for this fabric already!!

  • Jessie Johnson

    Lovely fabric.

  • Melissa LeDuc

    Adorable! I need that pattern! ☺

  • Ann Marshall

    Love these patterns. I would love to win the fabric to make some garments for my Grandson George (2) his sister Lily 4 months and my new Granddaughter due to be born on the 31st October.

  • Joenell Pérez

    Got the side pocket pants yesterday…can’t wait to churn out a ton of them this weekend!

  • Terri Pruden

    Love the prints!

  • mandyee

    so cute!

  • Sharon Archer

    My kids would love this print. I would love to make something for them and maybe even something for myself from that lovely green…..

  • GBCNing

    Love this! So sweet!

  • Colleen Branson

    cute outfiet! like the fabric too.

  • Annemiek de Werd

    I love these fabrics and the new patterbs you have made. Need to go and try out the pants really soon 🙂

  • Sandy

    Cute, cute fabric!

  • Michele salvini

    The prints are adorable!

  • Lisa Leanne Amos

    So adorable !

  • OhioLori

    What a cute patter/outfit!! And your lil’ Model is soooo Sweet!!

  • claudette garley

    I love these knits! Can’t wait to make a cozy robe for my little one.

  • Sue

    I love the knits! This is a darling set…would make comfy pjs!

  • Ange Seguin

    I’ve yet to be brave enough to sew with knits, but hopfully I won’t have an excuse!

  • Rose Bozzuto

    Love it! Going to sew my first Brindille & Twig pattern this week, the lap tee.

  • Esther Grimes

    With 4 new babies in the family this year, I think I’d use these fabrics to make some sweet Christmas gifts.

  • Carrie

    This turned out great- I can see why E. loves it! Birch really does make the softest knits.

  • elena

    I want to make a slant seam hoodie and side pocket pants! =)

  • Jessica

    I love sewing with Birch knits. They are so great.

  • Tabea Schumann

    They are so super cute! And that hoodie/pants combination looks super comfortable! <3 It would be a nice thing to sew in case I win. 🙂

  • Jamie Mulder

    Sooooo Cute!!

  • Jessica Hurd

    Omg I am totally in love !! I only use brindilleandtwig patterns & this fabric is to die for!!

  • Emily

    I LOVE these prints!!! I would use them for #allthebrindilleandtwig!!

  • Lilifer Hogg

    I love birch fabric! the outfit is supwr adorable! ❤️

  • Amelia

    I love working with the Birch organic knits! I’d love to win these 🙂

  • Carole-Jayne Marsden

    Oh I envy you all – my children are all grown now and we had NOTHING like this in those days. Thank goodness for Grandbabes – I adore that pattern and all those fabrics. Thank goodness for these online sites or I’d never know what beautiful fabrics are now available. Thanks for theopportunity to win!

  • Cat G

    I’d make some sweet baby pants.

  • Kathryn Laposata

    Just love all of your sewing for kids

  • Marika O

    Wow this looks SO cosy, I just want to steel it from her and wear it 🙂

  • Lorna Parker

    love birch fabrics, could have sooo much fun with this prize!

  • Ginger Bell

    What beautiful fabrics. Oh the things I could make!

  • Nlesni01

    These fabrics are gorgeous! Perfect for my little ones 🙂

  • Erin B Wilson

    Where wouldn’t I?! I think these would make some seriously cute clothes for my daughter.

  • Jenna D

    I’d love to sew an outfit for my daughter and make a fun bunting for her room 🙂

  • judi

    I would love to use these fabrics to decorate my kids room.

  • Robinson Cecil

    Oh my, this makes me want to take the leap to sewing with knits! Love that hoodie!

  • Jennie

    So adorable!

  • Mae

    I’ve been eyeing this fabric since they released the catalogue, can’t wait to get some! I’d make dresses … And tees and all the kids clothes 😃

  • Michele Ward

    The fabric is sweet and adorable!

  • julie

    I just found your blog today. I am behind on my emails. When am I not. hahaha. I just wanted to say your daughter is the splitting image of you. She is beautiful.

  • Nina Makes

    Love the hoodie and print, your daughter is just gorgeous too!