Kimono sleeve romper, perfect for solid fabrics!

This unisex kimono sleeve romper has a lot of different ways to finish it.  If you’re sewing for an older child you can use a good, stretchy fabric and skip the snaps, just pull it up through the neck.  If you don’t like the pockets, leave them off!!  I love them personally 🙂 The fit is really generous so if you like a closer fit, size down one. I like the generous fit for Eleanor, she seems to like it too. You can do a traditional hem on the sleeves... Read The Rest →

E’s outfit : Harem shorts and Tank

It’s been heating up around here and I quickly noticed E was lacking in the tank and shorts category.  I made the harem shorts for her with a tank top to go with them. Click the pics below to see the patterns.   I did make a couple small changes: Made the back of the tank longer than the front Added a drawstring to the shorts Rolled the shorts hems instead of folding inside Used double needle on the tank What do you think?

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