Summer romper pattern tutorial


This summer romper is not complicated to make and can be the perfect warm weather staple! ¬†I’ve made a few for Eleanor, she’s almost too old for the style but I still like it on her so I’ll wear it this summer ūüôā

You’ll see how it’s put together below: ¬†It’s abbreviated from the actual tutorial but the main points are¬†shown.

Here the pieces are cut out. You can see the front has two layers.


You will also cut out 1 waist and 2 leg elastics and interfacing for the straps and top corners where the snaps are.

The back elastic is placed first.¬†You’ll fold the top down and sew across to make a casing then thread the elastic through.


You will sandwich the back in between the 2 front layers and serge them together along the side.  The elastic is caught in the seam.


You’ll do the same thing to the other side. Sandwich the 3 layers and serge together making sure to catch the elastic. ¬†After, serge the front layers together at the top.

You can see in these photos where I ironed the interfacing on at the top 4 corners.


This is after the front layers are turned right-side out.


With the back turned inside out, you will serge the crotch seam closed and turn it right side out again.


You will sew casings around the legs and thread the elastics through.  Overlap the elastics to sew them together, pull the elastic inside the leg and sew the seam closed.


You can see the straps are interfaced here. It’s to keep their shape and stabilize the snap area. The two strap layers are laid right side together.

You will sew the top and one side together, place a safety pin inside the top, sew the other side closed and use the safety pin to turn it right-side-out.

Then, sew around the edges to flatten the straps.


Now you’ll sew the straps to the back. First the center of the elastic is marked with a pin and the straps are placed about 1″ away from the center. ¬†You’ll sew the straps to the back and trim the ends.


Now you will place a snap at each strap end and the top corners of the front.  That completes it!


This romper can be mixed and matched in so many ways so don’t be shy with color, stripes and prints! ¬†Check out the summer romper pattern.¬†

You can’t see it but there is egg yolk all up in her hair in this picture. She doesn’t care.



  • Ashleigh

    Love! :)!

  • Stephanie Granite

    love it! quick question though before i purchase the pattern. I see it says to use knit fabric. could this also be made in a quilting cotton or poplin?

  • heatherdw

    I only have a basic sewing machine. No serger! ūüôĀ

  • Kayla

    Do you have any suggestions for modifying the pattern so that I don’t have to use elastic for the back, or So that I can make it with a different style of straps, like a halter?

    • You could make the back a bit slimmer but it will still end up loose without elastic. If you don’t mind it loose in the back then you certainly could try it! With a halter style I would keep the elastic though.

  • Alexys

    hi! i was wondering if it was possible to use non-stretch material for this?

  • LauraFrattolillo

    Has anyone put Ruffles on this pattern? If so how did you do it?

  • Ashley Bertling

    What is the name of the fabric shown in the tutorial? I LOVE it!!

  • Christina Edens Beckman

    I was wondering if you thought a seersucker fabric could be used for this pattern? If so, should I make a size bigger if not using a knit?

    • You can use a seersucker but I would make the straps 1″ longer. Also, the leg elastic is going to be difficult and will bunch a little more but it won’t matter once it’s complete as the elastic will bunch anyway.