I am working on a collection that I will be releasing 1 at a time every week with an early bird discount 🙂

This one-piece pattern is the second in the collection after the bodysuit dress.  A friend sent me a photo of this style and I thought it was great so here it is!

Like I’ve done in the past I will walk you through part of the tutorial so you can see what it takes to make. The tutorial will be more detailed but this is a good overview.

Starting with all the pieces cut out:


After sewing the shoulders together, the neckband is sewn on from center back to center back.



I sew the neckband seam down so it lays flat on the neck, then serge the edges of the back panels.



As well as serging the top of the bottom panel.



The edges of the panels (top and bottom) get folded in 1″ and sewn down. These are the snap areas so if you want to put stabilizer on the edges go for it! I personally don’t use stabilizer because my snaps are pretty small and I don’t have issues with fabric tearing.




Then, I sew my sleeves on. This is the top half after they are sewn on.




Sew the gusset to the bottom by pinning the center to the center inseam.




After the gusset is on the back inseam, the front and back get sewn together.  (forgive the skipped stitches, my needle wasn’t all the way in. I was having issues until I discovered it)



Side seams are lined up here with the snap areas overlapping each other and pinned into place. The bottom snap area is the bottom layer and the tops are laying on top.




After the side seams are sewn, this is what the right side will look like.




This is when the cuffs are sewn one.  Start by sewing them together as shown, parallel to the grainline.




Then, folded into the cuffs by folding wrong sides together with seam hidden inside.



Now with the piece turned inside out, place cuffs inside the leg hems and wrist hems.  Sew them on with the foot inside the cuff, evenly stretching the cuff to fit as you go.



When the cuffs are turned out it should look like this



Now time for snaps!  The male halves of the snaps are placed on the left side panel. (open rings will be on the inside)  Then, place the right panel on top of them to get the placement for the female halves. (open ring will be on the outside)

I set 4 snaps evenly apart with the first on the neckband and the bottom one above the bottom snap area.


The bottom snaps are placed the same way with 2 male halves on each side. (open rings will be on the inside)  I place the center 2 pretty close to the center so there’s no gap.

Then the bottom panel is laid on top to get the placement for the female halves. Open rings will be on the outside for the female halves.


That will complete the one-piece:)  It takes a few steps but so worth it for the look!




This pattern will be discounted to $5.50 (from $9.50) until next week when I release the 3rd one in the collection.

I appreciate your loyalty so I’m finding ways to give perks along the way to true fans, you guys are the best!  I hope you enjoy and have fun with some playful prints!!!

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Lots of love – Melissa