Add curved hem to raglan sweatshirt

This is a  fast way to make a cute variation of the raglan sweatshirt.  Adding a curved hem in the back is easy and very trendy right now! To start you will need to cut out the sleeves, neckband and wrist cuffs. Cut about 1″ off the bottom of the wrist cuffs. I do this so it looks more proportionate to the waistband. The waistband will need to be shorter for this pattern. Add about 1″ of width to the waistband pattern.  Total will be 2″ because it’s cut on... Read The Rest →

Easy way to add ruffles to leggings

. Whenever I see leggings with ruffles it looks SO adorable, I had to make a few pairs for Eleanor. Turns out it is SUPER easy, so I took a few photos to show you how to do it. To start, cut out a pair of leggings: Then,  measure the width of the ankle area (where the ruffles will go) and double that measurement. Cut out 6 strips of fabric 1″ wide and the length of the above measurement.  So for me it was 1″ x 13″. I wanted 3 ruffles on each ankle... Read The Rest →

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